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Thursday, 26 January 2012

My 1st Trip on a plane.

I got married back in 2004 and so my new husband and I for our honeymoon went to Benidorm and for me it was my 1st time on a plane let alone to a hot country.  Mind you it is the only time I have left the UK so I am glad that I have scrapbooked it.  My dream has always been to swim with dolphins so I when I got the opprtunity to have my picture taken touching one then I jumped at the chance.  Fellow bloggers, I also need your help.  I can't decide between this page and the one of my BFF and photo shoot to submit for my 3rd scrapbook page so any help would be greatly appreciated.

To make this page, I used paper and words from the Studio K Meadow scrapbook kit. I then scrapbooked the officila photo from Mundomar Wildlife Park in Spain of me touching Aqua and also my plane ticket and suitcase tag.  Sad I know but there are some lovely memories and again they will be remembered better because I scrapbooked them.  Again I hope you like the page. This is the last blog of the night fro me.

Love Bex xxxx


  1. Which one do I prefer? mmmm....I cant decide. This one appeals to me firstly because the colours works well but the BFF photo shoot one is interactive and I like that!

  2. I like the background colours on this one and the suitcase tag and air ticket pick up the wonderful blue of the water in the photograph.

    However looking at it from the point of view of the craft qualification requirements the BFF one does show more techniques as you have the hidden journalling, and the eyelets on the word tags. I suppose it depends on how many techniques and processes you have demonstrated over the other pages you submit as to whether you need the extra techniques on the BFF one.

    Hope that helps
    Alli xx