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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Dan's Page

I did this page in memory of one of my best friends, who died at the age of 25 having lost his battle with Cystic Fibrosis. It was because of him and his mum and dad that I became hooked on scrapbooking.  He left his friends some money, and it was thanks to this that I bought my 1st ever scrapbook.  He was from a family who are in the Salvation Army and the youngest of 4 children.  We used to play in the park opposite where mum and dad live and it is also where my BFF lived but that is another story.  Sorry to bore you.  I would love to submit this for my Certificate in Papercraft and would love any comments.  It was the 1st page I ever did and will be treasured forever.

I decorated a 12x12 white scrapbook page on each side with paper from The paper was from the studio K Meadow Kit and the words came with the kit too.   They are the most appropriate words that make me think of Dan. On the pages I have put some of the last pictures that were taken before he became to ill to go out. There are 2 magazine articles that were written about him and they were so well written that wanted to have them always . I have also added his order of service and the last christmas card that I had from him and his family.  The red card and the letter at the bottom of the page were the card and letter that I had from Dan's family.  It is so nice that I still see his family and have quite a lot of contact with them especially as Dan was a big part of my life and it is thanks to him that I ever started to scrapbook and the love affair has continued and grown to all things papercraft.  I hope you like it and thank you for any comments that leave.

Love Bex xxx


  1. Bex
    I really like the choice of papers and colours for this layout. It is a lovely way to remember your friend.



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