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Friday, 7 October 2011

Unit 1 Almost There


This was a 3D notelet set that I did as a birthday present for my mum from my 2 girls. It was my 2nd attempt at doing it but I am so pleased how it turned out.  I have submitted this as my 3D object for unit 1. I used the new range of tatty teddy to make it.

This was made for my younger sisters 21st birthday and I made it out of wrapping paper and my cuttlebug.  The numbers were done by drawing around wheelie bin numbers and the font I used was Sizzix Broadway Melody. I have submitted this as the card aspect of unit 1.

This was just one of the scrapbook pages that I did for my sisters 21st birthday scrapbook.  She is a grade 8 singer and for the London Pentecost Week in 2008 she was asked to sing for a show.  It was done at Cafe Eterno in Covent Garden and the whole show was called Shoes. It was about a woman whose life had been totally upside down, she had been on drugs, prostitution and self harming. God spoke to her at one of the lowest times in her life and she came to know Him as her Saviour. She cleaned her life up and she found love. She had been told she would never be able to have children because of things that had happened when she was younger but after getting married, they discovered that she was pregnant and was having twins.  The story was so powerful and before it was told, there was a musical aspect to it. It showed the powerful struggle between good and bad and the main song was called Shoes by Nia(a Walsh singer) if you ever get to hear it. 
The page below is the whole of what I did for her but I only need to submit 1 page so the top ones are the page that I picked.

As some of you know, In June I started the Certificate in Papercraft done by the Craft Qualifications Centre.  I am so pleased to tell you that I am nearly finished with Unit 1 and here are some of the pieces of work that I a submitting. Unit 1 entails submitting a card, a 3D object, a scrapbook layout, ATC's, or another type of papercraft. 

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