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Monday, 3 October 2011

I'm Back

Wow, I can't believe how long ago I was on here, seems like a lifetime but you will be pleased to know that despite having not updated my blog,  I have not been totally lapse in cardmaking.  I was away from my craft room for almost 2 months but since September I have certainly made up for it.  Well, I got all the wedding Order of Services done and it was such a beautiful day. My sister looked gorgeous and my new brother in law didn't look to bad either. 

My youngest sister has gone to South Africa until March so before she went, she asked me to make all her cards.  I made her a lot of cards, and the ones she took with her were personalised for her team.  Bless her, she is almost one of my best customers, scrap that, she is my best customer and she emailed to say that she needed some more.  So that is what I am going to be doing this week.

I am also hoping to be brave and do my first ever christmas fair this year so I am trying to get some stock made so that there are some general cards to sell. If anyone is reading this that has done some fairs, I would really appreciate any advice that you may have.  I have also been doing some work for my Certificate in Papercraft so am really hoping to get that in and hopefully pass it.  Last night I ordered some mini cards(like a business card but smaller) from I am so excited as that will be one of my 1st steps to getting BDesigns out there.

I am so sorry to say, that I am having some trouble uploading pictures at this moment to the blog, but all my cards have been added straight to facebook so if you are a friend of mine you will see them but feel free to add me as a friend if you would like to see some.  My oldest daughter has just started nursery and so that gives me a little bit of time in the afternoon to do some cards.

I am really hoping during this week to put some pics on here, so please check it out and I look forward to any feedback I can be given. Sorry for the ramble but from now on there will be pictures and  card making chat.

Love Bex xx

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  1. We are looking forward for your cards and interesting pictures, no excuses.:D

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