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Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Christmas Surprise!!!!!!!

Well, as you can see here my mum decided to snap lots of pictures of me opening my christmas present that I got from my mum, dad, my sister and brother in law and my late Grandma who unfortunately passed away 2 weeks before christmas so that is also why there have been no blog updates for a while. We had the funeral and I had some time with my family.

The Big Shot Pro was the surprise that I received and I could not have been more shocked.  The family all wound me up and so the first thing that I opened up was a stack of 12 x 12 cardstock which believe me was some lovely paper, then my brother in law said he needed a break and then came back saying there was another present with no name on it.  In comes this massive box brought in my dad and brother in law and well there it was. I was so totally overwhelmed that yes I did cry, who wouldn't. There you are just one of the lovely presents that I received.  It will be very used, that I can tell you.

One of the other gorgeous presents I received was a beautiful ring from my husband. Here is a picture of it

Anyway, off to use my new toy and hopefully put pictures up of some of the newest creations that I am going to make. There seems to be quite a few birthdays to celebrate in January.

Love Bex xx

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