Those lovely people who are looking to see what has come out the Bex Designs

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Can't believe it has been so long!!!

I have managed to get back into the land of blog after numerous problems with my computer and the internet connetions, but I feel like I am back.  We had a fantastic time away as a family on holiday and had really good weather.  Now, I am back and it is back to the craft room for me. I have lots of birthdays to be getting on with and there is also the gifts for the teachers too.  Whilst of the computer though I did manage to get a lot of cards made. I will put them on here at I get a few minutes.  Hope you are all well.

See you soon

Love Bex xxx


  1. Welcome back Bex - I've missed seeing your great cards!
    Kath x

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